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Most owners of vintage and older cars take great care of maintenance of their motor vehicle and enjoy driving with a passion. Parts can be expensive and difficult to source and agreed values always attract a premium. That's why it's important to take care in finding the right insurance for cars that are classed as "classics" or "vintage" to ensure your policy covers you for all risks and costs.

How Can Emerald Protection Help You ?

Here at we understand that finding cheap classic car insurance is a specialist area. That's why we provide an online comparison service that you can use without obligation and save money in 60 seconds or less.

It can be a long process to find the right motor insurance and insuring a classic car that is right for your circumstances. Our customers are able to obtain free quotes and get cover right away. The benefits of using our free service provide the fastest possible way to reduce your premiums whilst ensuring you receive the right protection.

Popular Companies in Our Insurance Database

Vintage Motor Insurance

Vintage cars are older than traditional classics and now don't require an MOT now the government has changed legislation. Some A1 examples can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds so require expert care and guidance when it comes to insuring the vehicle.

You'll be able to save time in obtaining quotes as our accredited brokers will undertake the searching on your behalf. You have a choice of comprehensive insurance or simple third party fire and theft although most owners opt for the former to protect their asset.

Comparing Insurance Quotes

Even if you haven't had an accident for the time of your ownership unfortunately there is no "no claims discount" associated with classic cars at present. That's why you need to shop around for the best prices and will assist your insurance search for you.

As these types of vehicles are driven less than most modern cars the premiums are usually lower but extras such as breakdown cover, legal expenses, hire cars etc may not be included. If you vehicle is a premium asset you should ask about "agreed valuations" which ensure a guaranteed payout if your car is written off.

You can obtain additional discounts if you are a member of one of the many owners clubs. They have negotiated reductions in prices directly with various insurers in the UK so check these out as well. If you are under 25 and looking for insurance then check out our young drivers page to see how you can get the lowest quote possible. enables you to compare prices all popular makes and models of classic vehicles including American muscle vehicles, Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Bedford, BMW, Bristol, Caterham, Ford, Daimler, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Humber, Jaguar, Jensen, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes, Morris, Porsche, Rover, Sunbeam, Triumph and Wolseley